Just Another Day Enjoy,
Our ambition is to make your days even more beautiful.

We believe that our products, made with special attention, a strong taste for detail, with a concern for modernity and excellence, will bring that little extra that will help you fully enjoy your day.
Our challenge: to enable everyone to enjoy life by contributing to its beauty.

We are aware that life often brings its share of constraints, so our products are designed with a different mindset.
Minimalist, streamlined, modern in their manufacturing, we offer you "high-end" products that respond to a different financial logic.
Because it should not be expensive to realize how beautiful it is to live another day enjoy.

We are aware that for everyone life often brings its share of constraints, our products are designed with a different thought.
Minimalist, refined, modern in their manufacture, we offer you "top-of-the-range" products responding to another financial logic.
Because it shouldn't be too expensive to be able to realize how beautiful it is to live another day.

Jade comes from the Spanish “ijada”. It is the name of a stone from the East, also close to the male Arabic first name Jad, which means "excellence, generosity".
These principles of excellence and generosity to which we are keen to add happy simplicity through minimalism are the basis of the values ​​that we wish to share with you.

While our goal is to make the most of your day, we constantly ask ourselves how we can make it great.
Jade is above all quality products made after multiple and complex studies around your needs.
A selection of noble materials for the sake of simple and functional layout. Their design responds to an unparalleled attention to detail, a desire to create difference through excellence.

Bringing our customers to rediscover themselves by wearing our products is one of our finest missions. In this sense, we have made the best choices in order to make ourselves accessible to as many people as possible without tarnishing the quality of our designs.
Generosity, sharing our taste for elegance is materialized by accessories and bags that will bring everyone the same added value.

Achieving simplicity is something complex. But isn't that one of the keys to happiness?
Our bags in particular are distinguished by their unique design, their perfect line and the colors offered according to fashion and seasonality. All created with the aim of bringing you visually high-end products, with an irreproachable finish and great practicality.

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